Website (STARTING) Prices

Basic Build

Simplicity's Not A Bad Thing
  •  Theme Installation
  • Website Training
  • SEO Friendly
  • Sucuri Safe
  • NO Free Hosting
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Massive Build

Webshop Plus
  • 3 Pricing Tables
  • Shop Optimized
  • 35 Free Product Listings
  • Social Network Consultation
  • 10% discount on Webmaster Pricing
  • Optional Customer Forum
  • 6 Free Months of Hosting
  • 1 yr. FREE SSL Certificate
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Please Note:  Basic and Custom Packages do not come with free monthly hosting (see explanation below).

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference in domain fees and hosting fees?

All domains (WWW.) have to be registered and also have monthly hosting.

Registration is like the ownership of your house.  Even though you own your house, you still have to pay monthly utilities, which is like hosting.

Most domain registration is less than $20/year.
Most monthly hosting is less than $5/month.

The further you pay ahead on your monthly hosting, the more money you save.
Domain registration does not receive discounts for paying ahead.

What if I want additional work on my website during/after the build?

If you decide you want something different or extra (during or after the build), contact me to arrange a payment plan that works best for you.  Additional work can be charged hourly or on a task-to-task basis.

Do you offer any type of payment plans?

I’m very happy to offer payment plans and can understand how beneficial structured payments can be for small companies.