Control Your Social Status!!!


Having created 3 of my own websites with over 100,000 fans and one with 300,000 + followers, there’s literally no aspect of social media that I can’t help you with.  Due to an abundance of clients’ requests, I’m now offering social optimization training to any of my design customers.


I include RSS in the Social Network Services sections for a few reasons.  The most significant of these is because EVERYONE seems to underestimate the power of a large website following.  Make a news/blog/announcements/etc. section on your website and post content often.  Any regular basis, whether daily/weekly/monthly and LET YOUR FANS KNOW YOUR SCHEDULE.  A year or two down the road, you’ll have hundreds or thousands of loyal followers that all want to buy your product or follow your entity!   PLEASE think about this…. Social networks come and go.  Spending all of your money on social networks and not building a social following is like living without insurance!  


YouTube Partnership is no longer the exclusive club it once was.  Rather than searching for a lucky topic to create a viral video (to obtain Adsense™ privileges), effective meta tags, channel structure, content structure, ease of navigation within your channel, highly organized playlists, affiliation, and many other variables contribute to a successful channel.  Learn how and when to launch your videos in a manner that achieves their greatest potential views, create and edit custom videos with free editing software or learn how to get graphic artists to bid on editing your video!



In the last few years, Twitter has really put the pedal down in becoming a global social leader and has slowly evolved into a necessity for all companies. Knowing the right way to utilize Twitter (and Tweeting effectively) can have a tremendous impact on the success of your account.  Appealing posts that transition nicely from your blog to Twitter, maintaining uniform post/Tweet structure, when and what or what not to share, and more more is covered (in great detail) during social network training classes.  


Facebook Verification is very hard to achieve (especially for smaller companies) but there are ways to significantly increase your chances of becoming verified. One of my previous websites has a verified Facebook page and I obtained this in under two years, whilst obtaining a fan base (on Facebook alone) over over 200,000 members! From advertising and fan-base increase to promotions and effective posting/sharing/liking guidelines, I hold nothing back when teaching the tactics that have worked for me along the way.

Social Network-Related Services Offered:

  • Proper WordPress Posting Structure
  • Customer Incentives for Sharing
  • Custom Coupons for Social Shoppers
  • Effective Advertising Strategies
  • Instant Blog Email Subscriptions
  • Traditional Blog Subscriptions
  • Facebook Optimization
  • Twitter Optimization
  • Youtube Optimization
  • RSS (Blog Subs) Optimization
  • Training for FB, Twitter, YT, and RSS
  • Website/Social Login, Comments, and other Integration
  • Custom Backgrounds and Wallpaper

BEWARE of services offering to obtain multitudes of followers to your social accounts!!!  

Fake followers are counter-intuitive to your online goals and social reach.  If you buy services from a place that adds hundreds/thousands of fans to your account, search engines/fans/the networks themselves, etc… ALL will catch onto it and your rankings WILL be effected.



REMEMBER: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…”  

If it was easy obtain mass followers on social networks, everyone would have them.  It’s better in the long-run to put in real work and provide consistent content to your followers. Website/design customers (only):  Feel free to inquire about social network training.  

Please note:  All websites can be modified (with great ease) to automatically share your posts on ALL of your social networks (without adding an second to your posting process).  As long as you learn how to properly structure your posts and use EFFECTIVE excerpts, it’s autopilot!