Open Positions/Now Hiring:

Graphic Designer Random Web Design is currently on the hunt for an overflow graphic artist.  Due to the high demand of my work and recent clientele increase, I’ve had to start declining graphic work.  Formal education is irrelevant – all that matters is your portfolio.

Please note: I’m searching for a part-time graphic designer at the moment ONLY.  I anticipate further employment opportunities arising in the coming months.  

If you’re highly-motivated and want to become a (different) part of the team, please check back often or feel free to contact me at the bottom of this page.


  • Text/Font creation and utilization specialist.
  • Proficiency in creating world-class illustrations, logos, and graphic designs using PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, or equivalent software.
  • Proficiency in creating LIGHT-WEIGHT images (to minimize page load times).
  • Professional, positive, and FRIENDLY attitude with “Can-Do” mentality.
  • Ability to attend company meetings (virtual attendance is acceptable).  No less than one meeting per month is required.

Please provide me with an active and accessible portfolio.  If you cannot provide an online portfolio, we can arrange virtual delivery of another method.


You will collaborate directly with myself and the RWD team on the design stages of media projects only.  Communication will be vital to success on my team.  All that I really expect (from any team member) is to stay in contact with the rest of the team so as to keep our turnaround times at the top of the industry.  All jobs you accept must be completed within the agreed upon time limit.  Multiple infractions of this policy will result in contract termination.


At the end of the day, I’m just looking for someone as passionate about customer service and clean graphic work as I am. I’ve learned (long ago) I’m better to fly solo than try to make a team member “fit.” Please don’t be discouraged by my expectations. These are in place to ensure the company standards are never compromised.   I realize that my higher standards will (inevitably) result in a much more painstaking selection process but believe the outcome will be someone who is a perfect fit to the current team.

Advancement opportunities will be available for prominent employees and incentives will be awarded based solely on customer satisfaction.  ONE HUNDRED percent of customer appreciation perks, bonuses, and similar incentives will be awarded for any work you complete without my assistance.  Bonus increases of .5-2% will be awarded quarterly and will be based on customer satisfaction, workload, overall performance and professionalism, friendliness, and communication habits/employee accessibility.  —  In other words, if you work your ass off and have a friendly attitude, the sky’s the limit with Random Web Design.


If you’re passionate about graphic design, I’d love to have you on my team.  Pay and workload will be determined, individually, based on the skillset of each artists — NOT YOUR EXPERIENCE.  I need someone who matches my style and shares my beliefs, work ethic, and endearment, in terms of customer service and satisfaction.


Thank you so much for your interest.