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Even the largest companies use consulting services for their online endeavors.  If you’re a young company, saving money can make or break you, especially in the first year of business.  I’ve found crucial keys to success with my personal online experience and restrict consultation to areas I feel are truly my expertise. FREE initial consultation for small-scale entities.  Affordable rates thereafter and continuation of consultation will be by request only.

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With more than a decade of helping various companies implement new software, audit and inventory systems, and statistical tracking programs, I’ve learned what it takes to not only create a successful company, but also maintain the perpetual growth.   Feel free to contact me regarding travel logistics and prices for evaluating/analyzing any struggling company/location you own.

Please note: I limit my initial consultation to company/website owners only.

If you’d like verification, validation, certification, or letters of recommendation for anything/anyone mentioned on this website, please don’t hesitate to contact me.